Five Card Story: when i grow up i want to be……

a Five Card Flickr story created by Meg

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Diary entry number 13:
Well today was really confusing so i am about to tell you. well, i was sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch when my mum and dad came over to eat there lunch. “Mum, Dad what should i be when i grow up?” i said eager to find out what they would say. “well seing your so adventerous why dont you become an astranout and fly to the moon?” well that was a good idea but i was sure that i was going to be really scared up in space. “how about you become a florist and sell pretty flower?” said my mum seeing that she loves flowers. i was kind of in the middle of yes and no at the situation. “you could become an artist?” “or asomeone who works in an office?” said both my mum and dad as they were cuting in on each others senrences. “thanks mum and dad they were really great ideas but im only 11 so maybe i’ll just wait and see.” i said happily. “thats our girl!” my mum and dad said as they gave me a big hug!