tamika and i

On friday all the 5/6’s onto the bus to Urquharts bluff in anglesea for a day of surfing,nippers and fun! First of all we did nippers but as we will all so cold we went for a run up and down the beach. We came back and got straight into our nipper activities witch were wade, flag sand beach sprint. We had wade first and it was really fun running through the water around the people, I was so close to beating the boys. After the tiring wade we went to beach sprints were we did lost more running and some relays if we came last we had to get buried in sand and seaweed but luckily me and my team didn’t have to so we buried up the other team. Then we went onto our last activity which was flags where u have to run and grab a stick thingy.i came 3rd out of the girls and after I was really tired. We had a hit chip lunch which was really nice and me and all the year 5 girls also went crazy with putting zinc in ourself. I was so full from the chips but that couldn’t stop me from going into the cold water for a surf. Surfing was the best fun EVER I stood up heaps and I fell heaps but It was such a good laugh with my friends. The water was really cold but I was so grateful to go surfing! I will never forget doing school surfing and I can’t wait till next year! Thankyou teachers for taking me!


CAMP QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For our charity we have chosen camp quality who run camps for children livivng with cancer. it all started in 1983 where 2 doctors were talking about the children needing to be happier then they came up with the idea to run camps that will make the children living with cancer happy and have fun. so later on that year they ran there first camp wher 38 children and 38 voulteres came to the camp at vision valley. camp quality was born after that camp and now lost of kids with cancer go to for more joy in here lives. from then on camp quality has been a big hit for children and there familys. theybhave future goals that they want to achieve so here is some:
.improve & expand current programs & devlop new ones so they can reach every child living with cancer in Australia.
.reduce the age range of children they support from 0-18 years to 0-13 years.

camp quality is a great charity to raise money fr so i hope we can raise alot!

103 word challenge- something special to me

i had a gymnastics comp so when we got there my team and I did our warm up. once we were ready we standed facing the crowd to present. first up my group had bars and we would swing. next it we had the 4 inch beam where we did handstands.later we had vault where we have to run really fast up onto mats and flip.we then had floor were we do tumbls and flips to music. finally it was time for the presentation where i was ecstatic that we came second on vault we got a medal and i was very proud of my team!


Five Card Story: when i grow up i want to be……

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Diary entry number 13:
Well today was really confusing so i am about to tell you. well, i was sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch when my mum and dad came over to eat there lunch. “Mum, Dad what should i be when i grow up?” i said eager to find out what they would say. “well seing your so adventerous why dont you become an astranout and fly to the moon?” well that was a good idea but i was sure that i was going to be really scared up in space. “how about you become a florist and sell pretty flower?” said my mum seeing that she loves flowers. i was kind of in the middle of yes and no at the situation. “you could become an artist?” “or asomeone who works in an office?” said both my mum and dad as they were cuting in on each others senrences. “thanks mum and dad they were really great ideas but im only 11 so maybe i’ll just wait and see.” i said happily. “thats our girl!” my mum and dad said as they gave me a big hug!


In this clp it was about plastic bags and lastic material floating around the ocean killing widlife. scientists are now to trying to reaserch the plastic and see where it hads came from. once the plastoc gets put in the ocean the currents move it around and it can end up any where. it is very bad because heaps of the rubbish end up in the ocean where animals can chocke on them. it is horrible.

i think what the scientsits are dong is very smart and it will be helpful for the impact on stopping plastcs bags and bottles. if the scientsists find out where the plastic is from then they can go to that place and get them to stop. it gets very anooying how in the comminuty eeryone says to stop but other people don’t. it is very sad when animals die from the plastic. i hope everyone will realise very soon tha plastic is horrible and we should not us it to much!

Writing snapshot

As I go down the waterside I HEAR the other children splashing around. I can SEE the water getting closer as I go at a fast pace. I can SMELL the disgustingness of the chlorine coming close aswell. I FEEL super excited as I splash into the water. I can taste the exciment in me as I run up the the slide for another shot.

The waterside I went on at the caravan park: picture coming soon

Senses Poem

i am first on the left

I see the white chalk rub off as i swing high on the uneven bars.

I hear the sound of the 10cm beam plonk as i do my jump series.

I taste my delicous salad roll as i sit down for our break.

I smell the sweat and ears as i do my hard strength and flex.

I feel proud of myself as i leave the gym which is my second home.