Reflection of my week-2

This week was really great. it was normal week, but i still enjoyed doing maths and literacy everyday. in maths i am really proud of myself because i am starting to understand and feel confident in divison and i used to be scared of it. what i could of done better is take my time on my maths tests. in literacy i was proud of yslef when i wrote a story in 45mins and it was one of my best that i have done so far. what i could of done better is again work on my hand writing. this week we also did things for mother day. my class did i see you…..and it was a writing piece about our mums and we were looking thorugh an imaginary window of them doing there favourite things! my mum loved hers so much!!!! i cnat wiat to see what we are going to do this week!





student blogging chllenge- 10 jobs that i would like to have

student blogging challenge

1o jobs that i would like to have!

1. be a zoo kepper-because i love animals

2.marine bioligist-i love sea animals like seals.

3.teacher-i love kids and my mum is a teacher

4.gymnastics coach-i love gymnaastics and i would love to share my passion with others.

5. proffesional singer-i love singing and i would love to work with taylor swift

6. dancer- love dancing and its like gymnastics

7. a bodyguard for someone famous-i can look after people

8.a journalist- i like writing

9. a TV presesnter- i would like to be on TV at a fruit shop- i like the smell!

i hope that when im older i will get to do at leastone of these jobs!

Reflection of my week-1

This week I had an amazing other the only thing that was bad was that I have,cold so I haven’t been feeling 100% but school has been fantastic as always! We had the soccer round robins at the start of the week and I had a brilliant time and was  flabbergasted when I found out that my team and I were moving into regionals which is the stage! The rest of the week was just as exciting because we did science and showed our experiments! On Thursday and Friday we had the 2 day challenge! We showed our experiments to the 1/2’s or 3/4’s and did all these fun activities like maths literacy draw squad and the activities were  worth points. It was great to work as a team with my class. I fell that I’m getting better at my maths and during the week I went home and practised, what I think I need to improve on is my handwriting because sometimes it is to messy!!


Start of another story- The Baby Bird

she felt the need to go back to the park where her specail tree was. her strawberry red hair, her tall skinny figure was sitting locked in her room by her utterly anooying parents. the only reason she was looked in her dark bedroom was because she sneaked out to that magical, brilliant place which was her specail tree at the park. the tree and place just made her feel free and to let everything out unlike the trouble and domm she was in now. there was also another specail thing there at the park, the baby bird……

A start of a story – the bullies

my fingers trembled as i sat in the car on the way to school. my long brunette hair was in a neat ponytail. i looked fine from the outside but on the inside all i could feel was butterflies and nerves. i never want to go to school, i always try to make up an exuce. today my mum told me i had to go because i have an important test. you may think that thats the reason why im so nervous but its something else…… THE BULLIES!

elise and emily are the bullies, everyday they pick on me just because  im not as popular as them. i dont get invited to all those awesome partys and sleepovers. i just have 1 best friends called layla. usely emily picks on me and elsie picks on layla. we try to stick up for our selves but we just simply can’t. its like impossible because the bullies just tear you down and we cant do anything about it or can we?

a little about Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker from Crydon England is an artist author and filmmaker. Born on November 2nd 1950, as a child she grew up as the eldest of 6. She emigrated to Australia in 1975 and she is now based in Sydney. She loves drawing, painting and  making things and is now a childrens author.

You may know Jeannie Baker as a multi award winning author and illustrator and famous for her book “Where the forest meets the sea” but what you may not know is that she has directed several short animated films. Jeannie’s films are based on the books she has written and they are jamed packed full of imporntant enviromental messages.

My thoughts

I think that Jeannie baker is an amazing artist, author and illustartor. Her books always intrest me by the way she illustrates them. Even if they have no words they still intresting because you really have to look closely to discover new things. The art in her boks really draw you attention. My favourite book by Jeannie Baker is Window because i like the message in it.


Homework maths!

Type your favourite  course meal for your family including the cost of the ingredients. How much money left over would you have if you spent $100?

Wedges $3.09 (you can by packets)
Vegie lasagna $18.02 ingredients- pasta sheets=$3.23   pasta sauce=$1.73  cheese (mozzarella light – $5.54) (tasty-$4.34) zucchini= 52c   2 sweet potato= $2.50  carrot=34c
Ice cream sundae  $13.31   ingredients-   ice cream=$8.13   topping=$2.88   lollies=$2.30
TOTAL=$34.42  CHANGE FROM $100= $65.58c


100wc challenge the car stopped suddenly

Sunlight peeked into my window on a early Sunday morning. I had the biggest gymnastics comp  of my life. It was the Olympic trials. All my life I have been training for this. I quickly got my sparkly Leo on and did my hair in a bun. I grabbed my gymnastics bag and headed to the car. My whole family was coming to watch. As the car suddenly stopped at the big arena I was really nervous. Am I ready for this? Can I get I tot the Olympiics. I walk into the arena and I’m resay to show my gymnastics!

my weird email (first post for 2013!)

hey everyone this is my weird email about a toothbrush complaining,
Dear meg,
Thanks for always hurting my face when you brush me with your stinky teeth. It really hurts! its so anooying when you put that white gooyey stuff on top of me. BTW, its really really anooying when you drown me under that wet tap. That wet stuff is so wet and slippery. i dont get why you ALWAYS put that chewed up food all on top of me like how would you like it if you were a toothbrush and had to brush all chewed up food and it ends up stuck on your face. maybe before you use me use some mouthwash that would be better. the number 1 thing that i dont get is that you only use me twice a day. how are your teeth going to look good if you only brush twice a day. WELL GOOD LUCK AT THE DENTIST!
FROM YOUR PINK sparkly toothbrush.

p.s i dont get why you bought me pink and sparkly when im going to get wrecked by your teeth.

Mission day reflection

This year for mission day it was my first time making a stall because every year the 5/6’s make a stall and sell things and the money goes to their stalls chosen charity. Milly, elly, justiene and i were in a group and our stall was called princess zone where you could dress up and get your photo taken with milly’s bunny. Our charity that we chose to raise money for was camp quality because we think that what they do is great. Our stall went really well lots of little irls liked it and the teachers thought it was a great idea seeing that no one had ever done it. Milly’s bunny got a lot of hugs and cuddles from the little girls. The thing that we could of done to make it even better was to bring more boy dress ups because there were alot of girl dress ups thath the boys didint like. Over all we did an amzing job and sold $50.60 which was pretty good i am very proud of my team!