Student blogging challenge 2- I’m passionate about

Gymnastics of course!

Doing gymnastics just makes me feel free as I’m swinging and flipping. All though sometimes it can be timing stressful and painful after every training session I still love the sport. I may not be the best gymnast ever but I do know deep down that I train really hard and I have the love  and will to keep going with the sport. The retraining can be hard but when I get to the comps and we win or place it does pay off. Gymnastics for me is also a social thing as well as performing tricks and all. I have met a lot of great friends and I hope to say in touch with them forever. I also have great coaches that help me and train me and I really respect them and always thank them for teaching me  and helping me become a better gymnast!! I also always try to train like my fav gymnast mckayla maroney who inspires me and this might sound funny but when we do the splits or something painful I always sing a taylor swift song in my head!!! So as you can see gymnastics is a big part of me!!!!!!!!

student blogging challenge-number 10

The 10 people i would like to meet is:
1.Taylor swift Q: whats your favourite song you have wrote?
2.Mckayla maroney Q:what is the best advice that you could give to young gymnats like me?
3.Christina kaloudis Q: what was going to america like?
4.One direction Q:what is it like having crazy screaming fans?

5. Shawn johnson Q: how did you feel when you annouced that you retired from gymnastics?

6.Kyla ross Q: how did u feel when you stuck that landing on the beam at the olympics?

7. Sally fitzgibbons Q: whats it like surfing everyday?

8. Lauren mitchel Q: were you nervous at the olympics when you hurt yourself?

9.Ariana grande Q: how did you feel when you did the last episode of victorious?

10. Jordyn weiber Q: what did you do to celebrate after you and your team one gold?

Student blogging challenge