Big Idea

Mind, Body and Soul

So far this year us 5/6 student have been learning about the mind body and soul. The activitys we have done are going to link to our negotiated task that we will be doing throught this term.

In mind we learnt about what kind of learner we are and what the type of learner likes to do.My favourite rotation was probably the meditation where we got to focus ono ur breathing and relax.

In body we learnt about our body and what parts of the body you use while you are eating. My favourite rotation for body was hearts ‘r’ us because we got to see the inside of a sheeps heart even though it was pretty gross.

In soul we learnt about things that we like to do that feeds our soul like in one activity we got to do cooking so that is what i am going to be focousing on in my negotiated task. My favourite rotation would have to be the cooking one because i love to cook and we got to make a yummy dip and then present it and see which one was the best.


For the rest of the term I am going to be using my interest of cooking to link in with our topic Mind, Body and soul and complete 2 tasks that i have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated task 1:  Each week I am going to be cooking a healthy recipe that I will demonstrate how to cook it and post it on my blog using vimeo for others to see.

Negotiated task 2:  I will be making a diary recording how i went making the recipes and what i need to work on, also in that diary i will be writting the recipe that i made and how much it is. I will then present my diary for others to read on expo day.

To get these tasks completed i need to:

  •  Reserch heathy recipes to cook.
  • Cook and video me each week.
  • Making my diary and making sure it is neat and colourful
  •  Teach myself  how to use vimeo
  • put my vidoes and phtos on my blog weekly.

So thats my negotiated task that I am going to complete. 

What have i done so far:

So far I have made my cooking diary, in that diary I have been writing the recipes I have made and how I went making them, but I am still in the progress of getting it done and coloured. Some of the recipes I have made were delicious, but ended up being quite costly. one of my recipes costed $7 and a hamburger at Mc Donalds costs $1 so most people would go for the unhealthy option cause it is cheaper so that is what i found out. 

I have also cooked 3 recipes and made a video diary of me doing it. I have 1 more recipe to do and the teachers have been helping me burn the video on to a DVD because it wasn’t loading onto my blog. The video wouldn’t go on my blog cause the length of the video was to big so we have made it into a DVD.

At the moment I am working on some little posters that say which would you prefer out of a healthy fod and an unheathy food so at the Expo people can write down what they prefer.I hope that the people at the expo will see that even though unhealthy food is cheaper it better to go with the healthy option and so they can see how delicous healthy recipes really are!


Describe what you have been doing:

Mondays: Cooking diary

Tuesday:Video onto DVD

Thursday:cooking diary

That is what I do at the start of each Big idea session and then i have been finishing of stuff that i need to!



I want to find out:

Why is bad food cheaper than good food?

What is the most famous healthy recipe?

What do people like to cook better healthy food or junk food?







i am most proud of:
my DVD and diary that i had made. it took a lot of time and effort and i am glad that at the expo lots of people liked it!

i would of liked to:
post my cookng videos on my blog. i had to put it on a DVD because on a website it wasn’t working. it would of been goood to post it on my blog so then heaps of people could of seen it.

i got a lot i better at:
cooking!i have never been the best at cooking but because i did healthy cooking as my negotited task it helped heaps. i picked up some new skills and learnt some new recipes.

i was suprised that:

when i did the pieces of paper thsat said which would you prefer out of my meal and a meal from maccas lots of people chose my meal. i was very suprised but happy beacause it showed that the time and effort i had put into making those meals paid off.

i wish i had of:

givin out healthy food samples! i saw alot of students do that and it was a big hit. i probably would of done that if i had a little bit more time seeing that i had already cooked 4 meals. in our new olympics negotiated task if i do anything about food i will do that.


in my peer assement i liked most of it except 1 part. the person who did mine put excellent for grammer but the problem was te person didnt even look at my diary and seen if i had everything correct. next tie i think i am going to use heaps of ifomation like lots of diffrent sourses cause i got satisfactaroy for that.


i agree with the teacher who assesed me. i need to work on more info and more presentation. i was happy with the scores because it did show how hard i worked.




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