Big Idea Negotiated Task – Term 3


Geography Econmics History
recently in big idea we have stared our new negotiated task for term 3.
before we had to start thinking about what we had to do we went and didd some workshops on our focous the OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!

Some things i have learnt:


the sports they did- ancients sports werestling, boxing, sprints,shotput,discus

girls only had 1 olympic event

the gods they believed in- ancient gods

where and how they did the sports- the rules


where the olympics have been held- melbourne, sydney,london ,bejing, athens, gresse

new places that are related to the olympics- countrys and landmarks

romes landmarks- the most famous ones


how much money they spend to host the olympics- billions on $money$

how much countrys bid

the advanteges and dis advantages- eg: advantage have tourist dis advantge too much money

the workshops they we did were every interesting!

For the rest of the year i am going to put my interest of the olympics into 3 diffrent task that inclued

History:  i will investigate about the ancient rules of the olympic sports and make a diorama.

Econmics: i will write a persuassive text about should netball be in the olympics including the money you would have to spend.

Geography:  i will investigate about china at the olympics and make a mind map on the infomaton and data i have found out.

i will need to:

make a diorama

et things for my diorama

get infomation

write a persuassive text

my progress at the moment:

at the moment i have finished my mind map and have nearly finished my writting piece. soon i will need to get my diorama ready and the infomation.



new update:
ok we have just had our expo and i was very proud of my work. the expo went really well and i got good scores which were better than last time. from mr dando i got 2 excellents and the rest very good. the thing i really agreed on that mr dando gave me is that for editing he put it in the middle of excellent and very good. i agree with that because in my persuassive text i had a little spelling mistake so i need to edit more. i agreed with my peer but there were some things like i got an excellent on presentation and i dont think my preentation was that great. one thing i want to do next time is make a quiz and give out prizes because i have seen others do it. the the part i was most proud of on my negotiated task was my diorama because i worked really hard on it and i had heaps of great ideas. i did have a little trouble painting it but i found a way to mke it better.

so we have had the expo and it was great. i put a lot of hard work into my negotiated task and i was proud to present it to the school and parents. alot of people loved my diorama and thought it was very well set out. alt of people were very impresed. i loved the little kids faces when they saw the lego people doing the athletic olympics. i was proud of my work all of it but i need to definetley work on my presentation because i think there was to much writting espically the mind map and persuassive text. maybe next time i could do something on the computer.


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