weekely relection-week 9

in week 9 it was a pretty normal week. I did literacy which was a big assessment on our writing and reading. I had to write a story and mine was about a secret wardrobe. I made sure that in my narrative I used descriptive language and used my senses to make my story very interesting. in maths we did a big investigation on triangles1 I learnt how to use a protractor and to measure angles on a triangle. i was extra proud of myself because I worked super hard even though I had a bit of trouble. so for the rest of the week I worked on these things and got it done. I also worked on my big idea and it came out great. on Friday I had interschool sports and I got to play netball. interschool sports is a great way to finish my brilliant week of school!

weekely reflection-week 8

in week 8 it was the first week for me back at school after I went on my holiday. I had a amazing time and was very excited to see everybody. I got back into the routine of doing literacy and maths and that was pretty good. when I came to doing big idea I had to plan a new project.it was a bit hard for me because I didn’t have a partner to do the project with so I had to try and think what to do on my own but in the end I came up with a really great idea to do my big idea on money. I had a great first week back but t was a bit hard to adjust back into school work!

Poem- when the war started

This is a poem to the book Home and Away that we read in literacy. written by John Marsten.

When the war started
everything changed,
No more happy smiles flilled my town
just people striving to live,
Gun shots,people yelling and crying
is all I ever hear now and maybe all that I ever will.
No more playing outside in the sunshine
just staying inside in the dark hoping that this will stop,
Tears gently roll down my face and more are coming,
and all these things started happening
when the war started.


if everyone lived like me we would need 2 earths. to cut down that i think that i will need to improve on walking a bit more or riding. also maybe i think that i should recycle a bit more than i do and be careful what things i but in bins! thwe uiz was really good aswell so if you wnat to try it click here


hey well this week was yet another fun week!


i need to improve on fractions

i did very well in my test


my group and i needed to improve on adding more things

my group and i did very well at specking loudly

we also went to church to met the bishop and go through a run through of our confirmation. our parents had to write us a letter aswell and we got to read them on that day. it was a really nice and peaceful day and because all of were being so good we got an ice cream from maccas!

this week was very great and well organized!

Reflection on my week

Hey well this week we had 2 days off so I relaxed and was very excited to come to school on Wednesday! In maths we have been

.multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits

.finding out ways that will help us do that

I am very proud of my self this week in maths because I have found a great strategy and I even had to show it to the class. I need to work on knowing my times tables.

in literacy I went in mrs murnanes workshop and we did start and stop poetery. I really enjoyed it and I posted it on this blog so check it out. I need to work on adding more adjectives,

well that was my week and I cant wait for this week as I have confirmation.

R.E homework

a person in my family that slows fruits and gifts is my nan! She shows lots of courage and stands up for herself through tough times. she is patient and Is always willing to help others. She is understanding if you have things to talk about and will give u suggestions to help. She shows generosity to everyone she knows and she always spoils me. She also shows right judgement by making the right choices for herself and can help with making right choices for others. She is always helping the church and is a part of the parish. She believes Ian’s respects god too! My nan an excellent rolemodel

Start and Stop Poetry

Myspace Text - http://www.sparklee.com


In the Auttum

Its getting colder

Gently the brownish leaves fall down to the ground

Mess is made outside my door

you can hear crunches as you step through them as if you are a monster trying to hurt them

I have to go grab the dusty old rake to sweep up the leaves

In the Auttum



At the center of my heart

Theres a love for everyone I know

Theres love and words that I never describe

Theres passions and dreams all to be shared

All of these will always be there

At the center of my heart



When i am asleep

My eyes are firmly shut

My blankets and doonas are pieling on top of me to keep me warm

Dreams scatter through my head with each and everyone so valuable

I hope that a night mare will never come to mind

When i am asleep



Now i’m finished my race

A beaming smile speads across my face

Proudness overfills me and its a big achievement

My legs ache of pain as i walk over to the stands to see my parents crying of joy as they are definatly very proud

I will never forget to shake the other athletes hands as they have done so well

Now im finished my race



When the sun rises

Its a new day

I’m refreshed and ready

Outside my window its not dark and gloomy just a bright yellow sun smiling at me

The once dark sky turns orangey blue

When the sun rises

When you achieve your goal

You are speechless

Alot of thoughts come to mind but you push them aside and celebrate your achievement

You now know that you can dream and definatly believe in yourself

You hope that you will always get this feeeling

When you achieve your goal

When the laughter

I was out of breath

My throat was itching for water as i had been laughing for ages

My checks were pink and blushed but i dont mind

Everybody definatly went quiet

When the laughter stopped



Reflection of my week- 4

hey I  have had another great week this week! ill  start with maths and literacy! In maths we have been doing perimeter and area. I am proud of myself for giving it ago and trying my best but what I could of done better  is make it a bit more challenging. In literacy we did our little workshops with the teachers, what I could of done better is  add more adjectives to my writing. On Friday we had a sport round robin, I decided to play basketball and I got 6 goals and me and my team came runners up! It was such a fantastic day I was really glad that I tried something new!!