Reflection of my week-1

This week I had an amazing other the only thing that was bad was that I have,cold so I haven’t been feeling 100% but school has been fantastic as always! We had the soccer round robins at the start of the week and I had a brilliant time and was  flabbergasted when I found out that my team and I were moving into regionals which is the stage! The rest of the week was just as exciting because we did science and showed our experiments! On Thursday and Friday we had the 2 day challenge! We showed our experiments to the 1/2’s or 3/4’s and did all these fun activities like maths literacy draw squad and the activities were  worth points. It was great to work as a team with my class. I fell that I’m getting better at my maths and during the week I went home and practised, what I think I need to improve on is my handwriting because sometimes it is to messy!!


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