A start of a story – the bullies

my fingers trembled as i sat in the car on the way to school. my long brunette hair was in a neat ponytail. i looked fine from the outside but on the inside all i could feel was butterflies and nerves. i never want to go to school, i always try to make up an exuce. today my mum told me i had to go because i have an important test. you may think that thats the reason why im so nervous but its something else…… THE BULLIES!

elise and emily are the bullies, everyday they pick on me just because  im not as popular as them. i dont get invited to all those awesome partys and sleepovers. i just have 1 best friends called layla. usely emily picks on me and elsie picks on layla. we try to stick up for our selves but we just simply can’t. its like impossible because the bullies just tear you down and we cant do anything about it or can we?

One thought on “A start of a story – the bullies

  1. Meg, this is a great start to your story. I love your sizzling start and the way that you immediately set the story. Keep it up. Do you have a plan? Obviously the problem is the bully, but do you have a complication, resolution and conclusion planned?

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