student blogging challenge-number 10

The 10 people i would like to meet is:
1.Taylor swift Q: whats your favourite song you have wrote?
2.Mckayla maroney Q:what is the best advice that you could give to young gymnats like me?
3.Christina kaloudis Q: what was going to america like?
4.One direction Q:what is it like having crazy screaming fans?

5. Shawn johnson Q: how did you feel when you annouced that you retired from gymnastics?

6.Kyla ross Q: how did u feel when you stuck that landing on the beam at the olympics?

7. Sally fitzgibbons Q: whats it like surfing everyday?

8. Lauren mitchel Q: were you nervous at the olympics when you hurt yourself?

9.Ariana grande Q: how did you feel when you did the last episode of victorious?

10. Jordyn weiber Q: what did you do to celebrate after you and your team one gold?

Student blogging challenge

One thought on “student blogging challenge-number 10

  1. G’day Meg,
    Some interesting questions. I have heard of virtually none of those people but from your questions, I can assume many are gymnasts or sporting people especially from Olympic teams.

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