my weird email (first post for 2013!)

hey everyone this is my weird email about a toothbrush complaining,
Dear meg,
Thanks for always hurting my face when you brush me with your stinky teeth. It really hurts! its so anooying when you put that white gooyey stuff on top of me. BTW, its really really anooying when you drown me under that wet tap. That wet stuff is so wet and slippery. i dont get why you ALWAYS put that chewed up food all on top of me like how would you like it if you were a toothbrush and had to brush all chewed up food and it ends up stuck on your face. maybe before you use me use some mouthwash that would be better. the number 1 thing that i dont get is that you only use me twice a day. how are your teeth going to look good if you only brush twice a day. WELL GOOD LUCK AT THE DENTIST!
FROM YOUR PINK sparkly toothbrush.

p.s i dont get why you bought me pink and sparkly when im going to get wrecked by your teeth.

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