Mission day reflection

This year for mission day it was my first time making a stall because every year the 5/6’s make a stall and sell things and the money goes to their stalls chosen charity. Milly, elly, justiene and i were in a group and our stall was called princess zone where you could dress up and get your photo taken with milly’s bunny. Our charity that we chose to raise money for was camp quality because we think that what they do is great. Our stall went really well lots of little irls liked it and the teachers thought it was a great idea seeing that no one had ever done it. Milly’s bunny got a lot of hugs and cuddles from the little girls. The thing that we could of done to make it even better was to bring more boy dress ups because there were alot of girl dress ups thath the boys didint like. Over all we did an amzing job and sold $50.60 which was pretty good i am very proud of my team!

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