tamika and i

On friday all the 5/6’s onto the bus to Urquharts bluff in anglesea for a day of surfing,nippers and fun! First of all we did nippers but as we will all so cold we went for a run up and down the beach. We came back and got straight into our nipper activities witch were wade, flag sand beach sprint. We had wade first and it was really fun running through the water around the people, I was so close to beating the boys. After the tiring wade we went to beach sprints were we did lost more running and some relays if we came last we had to get buried in sand and seaweed but luckily me and my team didn’t have to so we buried up the other team. Then we went onto our last activity which was flags where u have to run and grab a stick thingy.i came 3rd out of the girls and after I was really tired. We had a hit chip lunch which was really nice and me and all the year 5 girls also went crazy with putting zinc in ourself. I was so full from the chips but that couldn’t stop me from going into the cold water for a surf. Surfing was the best fun EVER I stood up heaps and I fell heaps but It was such a good laugh with my friends. The water was really cold but I was so grateful to go surfing! I will never forget doing school surfing and I can’t wait till next year! Thankyou teachers for taking me!

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