In this clp it was about plastic bags and lastic material floating around the ocean killing widlife. scientists are now to trying to reaserch the plastic and see where it hads came from. once the plastoc gets put in the ocean the currents move it around and it can end up any where. it is very bad because heaps of the rubbish end up in the ocean where animals can chocke on them. it is horrible.

i think what the scientsits are dong is very smart and it will be helpful for the impact on stopping plastcs bags and bottles. if the scientsists find out where the plastic is from then they can go to that place and get them to stop. it gets very anooying how in the comminuty eeryone says to stop but other people don’t. it is very sad when animals die from the plastic. i hope everyone will realise very soon tha plastic is horrible and we should not us it to much!

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